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We love what we do, how we do it and the positive impact it has on our environment by saving mattresses from landfill and contributing to a much-needed circular economy. We want to do more and have extended and evolved this contribution not just to the environment but also to society by helping marginalised groups to gain employment as well as access to higher self-esteem, self-worth and to participate in society much more.

Partnering with Clean Sheet

To achieve our aim, we have proudly partnered with Clean Sheet, an amazing charity that helps people with past offences. Our workforce now has a large portion of employees who have limited work opportunities due to regrettable mistakes made in their lives but want to move away from the stigma and its perceived limitations. We strongly believe in giving individuals a second chance. We don’t judge on what they’ve done in the past, preferring instead to focus on what they can do in the future.
“Our valued employees that have previous convictions are highly motivated, very hard working and have a huge desire to contribute towards our company. This has been a success for us and them.”

At present, there’s approximately 10 million people in the UK with a criminal conviction and will always encourage the notion that this pool of people should be given the opportunity they deserve top prove themselves they possess the ability to work hard.

By selecting the appropriate individuals to work with us we’ve enabled ex-offenders to have a second opportunity in their working lives. Often, other employers don’t realise they can be missing out on some very talented, hardworking individuals. Currently, our retention rate for colleagues who we have recruited that have a criminal conviction is approximately 75%. This means the vast majority of these colleagues do not re-offend.

Prisons and re-offending costs the UK taxpayer approximately £11 billion per year. We believe that by offering people an alternative to crime, and enabling them to break the offending cycle, we can make a real difference in society. Statistics prove that employment can be a significant factor in reducing re-offending, which is good news for all of us.

Getting Involved

If you are an employer who would like more information about engaging with ex-offenders, please visit

Clean Sheet:


If you value the work Clean Sheet does, please donate directly to them:


Employing an Ex-Offender

If you have a criminal conviction and would like some advice regarding disclosure, please follow the link below:



Clean Sheet is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation; registered Charity number 1154034

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