The myth of how often a mattress should be replaced.

The carbon footprint issue…

Sleeping with a conscious on your carbon footprint consumption? Not sure how often your mattress should be replaced? With so many types of mattresses currently on the market, we have compiled a guide to some of the main types of mattress structures and their typical life spans with the hope of demystifying any misconceptions that will lead to avoiding the premature disposal of many sleepers’ existing mattresses.

The main authority on sleep advice: the Sleep Council advises changing your mattress as often as every seven years, this is based primarily on how an average mattress accumulates more than 20,000 hours of usage. That’s an equivalent of 2,555 nights, especially considering other factors beyond the expected wear and tear where on average adults lose approximately 250 millilitres of fluid every night and shed approximately 450 grams of dead skin cells each year. However, the best mattresses can last up to a decade without softening, sagging or becoming less supportive. This contradicts the notion of 7 years.  If a good mattress is initially purchased, and cleaned regularly, a 10-year life span can be achieved where premature disposal can be avoided.

What can be expected from a pocket sprung mattress?

Pocket sprung mattresses are becoming the choice of mattress for many sleepers. A good quality pocket sprung mattress should provide comfortability for a period of at least between 8 and 10 years.

Tests applying laboratory testing methods where a simulation of up to a decade’s worth of sleep were applied by use of rolling a heavy barrel over the mattress 30,000 times. A mattresses’ supportiveness and firmness were put to the test and revealed how pocket spring mattresses that are more towards the higher end of the pricing spectrum do in fact achieve a 10 year life span.

As with most mattresses it’s pertinent that manufacturer’s instructions are abided by when it comes to rotating and turning the mattress.

Can similar expectations be expected with memory foam mattresses?

Similarly, as is the case with pocket spring mattresses’ testing methods, memory foam mattresses too show an 8 to 10 year life span, again this also applies to the higher end of the pricing spectrum.  However, good news if you are opting for the latex mattresses which does show to have a longer lifespan than that of the memory foam.

Again, similar manufacturer guidelines should always be adhered to, foam mattresses too require regular rotation and turning over.

Do open coil mattresses share the same sleep expectancy?

The very same tests that demonstrated pocket sprung and foam mattress’ longevity, did not show open coil spring mattresses providing similar life spans. With an average of just 6 to 8 years, open coil mattresses are prone to disposal more frequently than that of their counter parts.

In conclusion, if your budget can accommodate the purchase of a good quality pocket sprung or foam mattress, this would help the disposal time frame compared to open coil sprung mattresses.

Some other things to consider that will lead to a longer mattress lifespan

Sometimes the most obvious practices can lead to really good results, this is so true when it comes to the maintenance of your mattress. It may sound quite obvious but we feel awareness is key and the following considerations have to be taken into perspective. 


You will be surprised to learn of how you’re not the only one sleeping on your mattress! Frequent cleaning can help minimise harmful bacteria, dust mites and other insects that can damage a mattress.  A simple regular vacuum can be all that’s required to help prolong a mattresses’ life span.

Body weight

Quite a sensitive topic and we mean no offense, but it’s relevant to the life span of a mattress, body weight does impact a mattresses’ life span significantly.  Heavier bodied people will exert more pressure to the mattress creating a lot of compressions reducing the lifespan of a mattress. Conversely, lightweight or average weight sleepers exert less pressure on a mattress providing a longer lifespan.

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