Terms of Collection

Please help us to help you by reading these terms so we’re all in the clear and good to go!

Failure to adhere to these terms will unfortunately render your collection as rejected and you’ll be charged if the terms haven’t been met, we have tried to make everything clear to avoid this for you, please read, it won’t take too long

Dismantle your items

All sizes of all metal, wooden, zip link and divan beds / headboards or any type of bed / headboard that requires dismantling MUST BE DISMANTLED PLEASE.

Outdoor items must be dry

If you have left your items outdoors using your own packaging, they must be 100% dry. The collection team have the right to refuse collection if inadequate packaging has been applied and items are wet or partially wet.

Items placed on the ground floor

If you have selected your items to be collected from the ground floor / indoors, please ensure all items are placed on the ground floor as the collection team will not collect anything from above the ground floor that hasn’t been pre booked.

Loss or damage to property

We will not accept any liability for any loss or damage to any property or possessions during any collection from indoors or outdoors.

On the day of collection: please be at home

We’ll provide a 3hr time window the evening before the day of your collection and will do our very best to collect within the 3hr time window given, but due to any road delays not in our control please ensure you are available for collection 9am to 7pm: we will keep you well informed if delays occur and the driver will call when 30min away.  If you can’t answer the call the driver will still proceed to your collection. If you are not at home by the time the driver reaches your home no refund can be given for a missed collection. If you have left your items outdoors (100% dry in plastic wrapping) there is no need to call you and we’ll collect without calling you.

48 hours notice required to cancel or re-schedule

If you need to re-schedule for another day or have to cancel, we will require an email help@pickmyoldbed.com 48 hours before the day of collection so a full refund can be given. If you can’t meet this timeline, no refund can be provided.

Thanks for reading, we hope you appreciate we’re just trying our best to ensure a smooth collection for you.

We also have a FAQ’s that lists popular questions to help you more, thanks.

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