Our Story

The Environment at the heart of our approach

Our present and future is built on our historical origins with a key company ethos of having the environment at the heart of our approach to recycling and have done so since 2010 when our first mattress was recycled. The environment is one that we all share and believe we all should contribute positively towards.

Recycling Knowledge

Over a decade of industry knowledge allows us to recycle as many mattress components as is possible with the least amount of carbon footprint.

We focus strongly on endeavouring to innovate recycling techniques in order to achieve our aspirations of becoming the UK’s foremost affordable, cost effective and leading bed and mattress recycling company.

We don’t shred

Our recycling process involves old fashioned deconstruction by hand. We don’t use big machines that shred mattresses which in essence only separate metal from other mixed textiles which are burnt resulting in the harmful release of CO2.

Deconstructing by hand allows us access to every recyclable component that can be extracted as well as providing job opportunities and reducing emissions emitted by machinery.

Heart of England

Located centrally in the heart of England, we will be increasing our collection areas in the near future in order to help customers recycle in as many cities as possible. To keep our carbon footprint to a minimal and logistically practical, we will be collecting from some cities on specific days with our website calendar having this feature built in and providing dates of collection for you to choose.

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